Power domains description

Neutis N5 has Allwinner H5 in its core. This processor has several power domains that should be taken into account.

Domain Description
CORE_POWER_IN Power supply for ARM core
VDD_CPUFB Pin for monitoring actual core voltage
VDD_IO Power supply GPIOs and digital interfaces I/O buffers
3V3_IN Power supply for eMMC, DDR, Wi-Fi, PLL, USB, HDMI, EPHU, AUDIO
VDD_RTC_IN Power supply for RTC, PORT_L, security system

Supply voltage

For Neutis to power up, we need to supply voltage to these domains. CORE_POWER_IN domain voltage depends on the processor frequency. The higher the voltage, the higher power consumption is.


Refer to p.685 of Allwinner H5 datasheet for more information.

Domain Min Typ Max
VDD_IO 3,0V 3,3V 3,6V
3V3_IN 3,24V 3,3V 3,36V
VDD_RTC_IN 3,0V 3,3V


A higher core frequency requires a higher voltage on CORE_POWER_IN

Core Power CPU frequency
1,0V 408MHz
1,04V 648MHz
1,1V 816MHz
1,12V 912MHz
1,2V 1008MHz
1,24V 1104MHz
1,29V 1200MHz
1,34V 1296MHz


It is recommended to use a heatsink for stable CPU operation

Absolute maximum ratings

Value Min Max
Current for one GPIO 10mA
Voltage on CORE_POWER_IN -0.3V 1.5V
Voltage on VDD_IO -0.3V 3,6V
Voltage on 3V3_IN -0.3V 3,5V
Voltage on VDD_RTC_IN -0.3V 3,6V
High-Level logic input Voltage VDD_IO+0.3V
Low-Level logic input Voltage -0.3V
Current on VDD_IO TBD
Current on 3V3_IN TBD
Current on VDD_RTC_IN TBD

GPIO Electrical characteristics

Value Mix Typ Max
High-Level logic output Voltage VDD_IO - 0.2V VDD_IO
Low-Level logic output Voltage 0V 0.2V
Internal pullup/pulldown resistor value 50k Ohm 100k Ohm 150k Ohm
High-Level logic input Current 10uA
Low-Level logic input Current 10uA
Three state output Leakage current -10uA 10uA